Thursday, August 21, 2008


This blog is intended as a companion to my regular haunts at Peak Energy and The Oil Drum (ANZ).

Its purpose is to collate my longer posts on clean energy and related subjects, which I intend (and have been for some time) to eventually condense into a single post called "Our Clean Energy Future" which outlines my view of how to solve peak oil, global warming and related problems.

The posts will still appear at PE and TOD ANZ, but the idea is that they won't be drowned out by the clutter of day to day posts at those 2 blogs.

Relevant posts that have appeared previously include articles on:

* Concentrating Solar Thermal Power - Concentrating on the important things: Solar Thermal Power (TOD ANZ)

* Thin Film Solar Power - Thin Film Solar Power - Cheaper than Coal ? (TOD ANZ)

* Alternative Wind Power - SkySails And Airborne Wind Turbines (TOD ANZ)

* Tidal, Wave and OTEC Power - Tapping The Source - The Power Of The Oceans (TOD ANZ)

* Geothermal Power - Geothermia (TOD ANZ)

* Biogas - Banana Methane Powered Cars, Pig Poo Power And Other Uses For Biogas (TOD ANZ)

* Gas in Africa's great lakes - Turning Danger Into Power (TOD ANZ)

* Smart Grids (a much longer version will follow soon) - Smart Grids

* Green Buildings - Bright Green Buildings and Dark Green Buildings

* Electric Cars - Electric cars companies ready to take over the road

* Cogeneration / CHP - Cogeneration At Home: Ceramic Fuel Cells (TOD ANZ)

* Biochar / Pyrolysis - Black Earth

* Bioplastics (a revised version will follow soon) - Better Living Through Green Chemistry

* The Limits To Growth - The Limits To Scenario Planning (TOD ANZ)

* Hydrogen - The Hydrogen Economy And Peak Platinum (TOD ANZ)

* Storing Energy Using Graphite - Storing Energy Using Graphite (TOD ANZ)

* Storing Energy Using Ammonia - We're Off To See The Wizard - Storing Energy Using Ammonia (TOD ANZ)

* Solar Powered Desalination - Solving Our Water Problems - Desalination Using Solar Thermal Power (TOD ANZ)

* Salt Water Power - The Power Of Osmosis

* Artificial Meat - A Post Peak Protein Possibility: The Meat Beast


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